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What We Offer


This is our Services Page. A space that provides our customers the opportunity to learn about the services we provide.Here you can find valuable information that will help you in your fish keeping hobby! On this page you will find information about our waitlists, the livestock we offer,  how-to guides, and even one on one consultations with experts!!



Livestock Waitlist!

See something you want? But we don't have it in stock. No worries!! We are always breeding our livestock, so we WILL have more. You can add yourself to the waitlist and be first in line to get the livestock before we list it for sell on our website!! Our waitlists can be found on our home page

How-to Guides

From our home page, we offer our "how to" guides. We are always adding more how-to guides, have a "how to" question? Let us know and we will make a guide for it. Want to share a "how to" idea? let us know and we will add it to our database and give you the credit for it!!

DIY ideas!!!

It is always great when you can save a little money and make stuff yourself!! If you have any DIY ideas that can make our hobby more affordable please  contact us and we will add them to our DIY Page, along with your name!!

?? Water Parameters??

From our "Information" Page, you can find helpful information on water parameters, water testing, test kits, and more!!

We also explain the nitorgen cycle in detail there. We want to help every fish keeper become successful in this hobby!!

FFB (friendly fish breeders)

Have a fish you like to breed? want to advertise it here on our website!! Contact us and let us know and we will ad your contact information on our FFB Page.

Live consultation with an expert!!

We are here for you and will be happy to have a live online consultation with you to hear out your needs and help identify a plan for solving your problems and accomplishing your goals. You can sign up for a live consultation from our home page.

I received, way more, than I expected, for the price I paid. It came in a timely manner, and was sprouting new leaves within 3 days of receipt. Would definitely order again.


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